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~~~ 2019 ~~~

Walnut, CA (Global Azure BootCamp) on 4/27

I earned ISACA Cybersecurity Audit Certificate on 4/14

Anaheim, CA (AWS Summit) at Anaheim Convention Center on 4/11

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/7-1/10

~~~ 2018 ~~~

23rd Anniversary on 10/28

Hyogo~Osaka~Tokyo, Japan on 10/15 -10/20

Chicago, IL (Cyber Security Summit) at Hilton Chicago on 8/28-8/30

Anaheim, CA (AWS Summit) at Anaheim Convention Center on 8/23

Los Angeles, CA (Data Con LA 2018) on 8/11

at USC (University of Southern California)

Orlando, FL (Mascenik Family Reunion) 6/9~6/10

The photos are downloadable from our private site (Mascenik families only).

London, UK (InfoSecurity Europe) on 6/4~6/8

On the day I arrived in London, I enjoyed the best Afternoon Tea in the world at the Ritz London.
Dress Code: jacket and tie for men, no jeans, no sportswear allowed

Next 3 days, I attended Europe's largest information security event at Olympia, London.

You can see the short videos by clicking the Twitter icon below.

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Hollywood, CA (Hack Till Dawn by AWS/Intel) on 5/5

Walnut, CA (Global Azure Bootcamp) on 4/21

Los Angeles (CanJam) on 4/7

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/9-1/11

~~~ 2017 ~~~

Beverly Hills (Cyber Security Summit) on 11/29

22nd Anniversary on 10/28

Los Angeles (Big Data Day LA 2017 at USC) on 8/5

Plano, TX on 7/13-7/15

Japan on 6/25-7/3

Boston (LiveWorx) on 5/21-5/24

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/5-1/7

CES 2017

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~~~ 2016 ~~~

Silicon Valley (AWS Summit) on 7/12-7/13

New York (MongoDB World) on 6/26-6/30

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/6-1/9

~~~ 2015 ~~~

Central/Eastern Europe on 10/24-11/4

1 Budapest, Hungary

2 Vienna, Austria

3 Prague, Czech

4 Bratislava, Slovakia

20th Anniversary in Europe 2015 - short videos

San Francisco (WWDC) on 6/8-6/12

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/6-1/8

~~~ 2014 ~~~

San Francisco, CA on 10/23-10/24

San Diego, CA on 5/27-5/28

Anchorage, AK on 4/22-4/25

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/7-1/9

~~~ 2013 ~~~

Japan on 11/26-12/1

Winter Vacation 2013

San Francisco, CA on 4/29-5/1

Dalian, China on 1/30-2/2

Las Vegas (CES) on 1/10-1/11

~~~ 2012 ~~~

Winter Vacation 2012

"Begin difficult things while they are easy, do great things when they are small. The difficult things of the world must once have been easy; the great things must once have been small... a thousand-mile journey begins with one step." - Lao-Tse


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