May's Winter Vacation 2012
from Los Angeles ~ Seattle ~ Honolulu ~ Japan
12/23/12 - 12/31/12

Last Update: 12/31/12 in Tokyo, Japan


12/23 - Left Los Angeles - Seattle - Honolulu

It's been 24 years! since I stayed in Honolulu, HI (for 10-week scholarship program) and I do have some fond memories...  I've heard that many more buildings have been constructed and the traffic has gotten heavier since then.  Now it's Christmas time and President Obama and his family are in Honolulu to spend the holidays. There was a ceremony for Sen. Daniel Inouye who just passed away after serving in the Senate for 5 decades, so Honolulu was busier than when I previously visited here...

12/24 9:30 - Shopping at Ala Moana Center

I think a half day was enough to see this center 20+ years ago, but now it is so large that I would like to go back and spend 1~2 days just for this place alone.


12/24 14:15 Left HNL - 12/25 19:15 Arrived at KIX (Osaka) airport.

This was the 1st time that I tried Hawaiian Airlines.  I liked their service!

12/26 6:50 Early the next morning, I left Shin-Osaka for Kyushu by Shinkansen (bullet train). 

I arrived at JR Akama Station in Kyushu and got my hair cut at a shopping center called YouMe Town (5 min from the station).  Then I went to the Toyota/Lexus Plant, my CT's hometown, and I was able to take the tour as I planned.

The plant is located between Kokura and Hakata.  I heard Hakata Station was remodeled very nicely, so I decided to stop at JR Hakata Station and return from there to Shin-Osaka by Shinkansen.

12/27 - 12/31 I stayed at my parents' house in Japan.

12/29 My sisters and their children visited us. "Arigato!"

Kani-nabe per my request...

Hey, where did the ball go?

Yo-chan (my sister) and Miyu-chan (her daughter) play piano very well.  I am indeed impressed!

Thank You, All.  See You Next Year!

12/31 I saw the beautiful Mt. Fuji on the way to Tokyo this year, too.