May's Favorites
in Alaska
4/1/10 - 8/25/10

Last Update: 8/25/10

~What I liked are ...~

8/21 - Glacier Brewhouse - "Best of Alaska 2010" #2 in 'Seafood' restaurant category.
This place was as good as #1 Simon & Seaforts to me. I had a 'Fresh Alaskan Macadamia Salmon'.
I almost cried because it was so delicious and the last salmon in Anchorage I think... this year.

8/6 - Sweet Basil Cafe - I had a 'Fresh Fish Taco' here in midtown at lunch time.
I could not see the 'fish' at first, but a lot of rockfish-like white fish baked (not fried) inside.
I recommend this if you'd like to eat something fresh and healthy.

7/31 - Alaskan Crepe Escape in Juneau - I had a crepe called 'Capital City' here.
It was crispy outside and warm/delicious! I would have one each time I visit Juneau.

7/17 - Alyeska Resort - Yes, I do agree it's a nice weekend-getaway place!
From the Tram (seven-minute scenic ride), you can see for miles in all directions.

7/4 - Reindeer Dog - I hardly eat a hot dog (maybe once a few years?), but I had a 'reindeer' dog while awaiting 'July 4th Parade'.
There were at least 3 'reindeer' dog stands at the park, so it's easy to find one. It was tasty.

7/1 - Simon & Seafort's 3-course meal. I had ...
1. New England Clam Chowder 2. Grilled Alaskan Salmon 3. Sundae
It doesn't look like one of the best in Anchorage from outside, but it is nice inside with view of the Cook Inlet.
The place was packed. I think a reservation must be made. This 3-course was perfect for me!
"May, didn't you say you had enough salmon for the rest of the year during the cruise?"

6/13 - Major Marine Half-Day Wildlife Tours and the All-you-can-eat Salmon.
As some of you know, I love salmon! The cruise was great, too!

5/8 - Anchorage Farmers' Markets opened in downtown and the other places
"Would you like 'salmon chowder', 'reindeer dog' or Alaskan souvenirs?"
I tried a salmon empanada which I've never seen in LA.

4/24 - I have been a fan of Alaska Airlines. They no longer provide a blanket, but their services are still friendly and great!
Northern Bites (4/20 ANC-SEA: french toast breakfast - so so & 4/24 SEA-ANC: turkey sandwich - good) were served.

4/11 - Kaladi - I found this coffee shop with free WiFi.
Kaladi seems to be the most popular one here (11 cafes in Southcentral Alaska).

4/10 - Brunch at Orso

If you like crepes and seafood as I do, I recommend this!
Seafood Crepes - filled with fresh halibut, prawns and salmon... mmm, delicious.

Breakfast at Snow City Cafe - award-winning, popular breakfast/lunch spot in downtown Anchorage

Breakfast with Alaska Salmon Cakes - mmm, good...

What did May do in Alaska?