May's Northbound Adventure
from Los Angeles to Anchorage
3/22/10 - 3/31/10

Last Update: 3/31/10 in Anchorage, Alaska

Day Date City Weather H (F) L (F) H (C) L (C)
1 3/22 Los Angeles - Sacramento, CA O 75 - 24 -
2 3/23 Eugene, OR O 72 - 22 -
3 3/24 Hope, BC, Canada O 68 - 20 -
4 3/25 Quesnel, BC, Canada O 57 - 14 -
5 3/26 Prince George, BC, Canada rain -> O 50 36 10 2
6 3/27 Dawson Creek - Fort St John, BC, Cananda O 38 29 3 -2
7 3/28 Muncho Lake, BC, Canada O 40 25 4 -7
8 3/29 Whitehorse, YT, Canada few snow 39 19 4 -7
9 3/30 Tok, AK O 39 10 4 -12
10 3/31 Anchorage, AK O 40 32 4 0

*Alaska Highway: Dawson Creek (Mile 0) ~ Anchorage, AK - 1576 miles (2536 km)

*Los Angeles ~ Anchorage - 3541 miles (5699 km)


Day 6 - Mile 0 - Dawson Creek - "Can you recognize my car on the right?"

Day 7 - Mile 393 - Stone Mountain Park - "Go, May! Go!"

Once in a while, I had to stop and follow the pilot car due to the constructions. Thanks to them, the Highway was mostly paved and clean.

Mile 495 - Liard Hotsprings, Muncho Lake (No Internet, phone or TV available!? Just forget about them 1 night!)


Muncho Lake, still frozen...

"Oh my..., they weren't kidding..."

Day 8 - Yukon

"No, not again! I know this is your territory, but please let me in, please..."

"Thank you!"

All the way to the city called Whitehorse!

Downtown Whitehorse
I didn't know Starbucks card bought in the US could be used here in Canada.
I see Tim Hortons all over and it is similar to Panera in the US.

Day 9 - Haines Junction

Kluane National Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site!

2*F (-17*C) - the lowest temperature during this trip...

Welcome to Alaska!
The road was icy/bumpy and most of the stores/gas stations are closed
between Haines Junction and the US/CA border. I made it... well almost, 1 more day.

US Customs - there was no line/waiting at this time

Day 10 - To the final destination, Anchorage

Mount McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America (20,320 ft/6,194 m).
cf. Mt. Fuji (12,388 ft/3,776 m)

My car worked very hard for me for 10 days and it deserves a nice service and car wash.

I thought this could be somewhat dangerous, so I went to see my parents and sisters in Japan prior to this trip (3/3 ~ 3/10/10) to say egood byef in case something bad happened. Of course, I couldn't tell them about my plan, knowing it would just make them worried. I actually saw a van with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and hoped they were ok. If it happened to my car, could I have survived? There was no room for a spare tire and I couldnft take one. I also saw an animal like wolf running very fast toward to my car and could have hit the brake hard and fallen off a cliff. I didnft end up like Amelia and am fortunate. My husband contacted me every night to make sure I'm ok (Thank you, my dear). I donft recommend traveling alone as I did. This site is to show you that traveling the Alaska Highway is an adventure of peace, beauty and nature, and the greatest drive in the world as Adventure Guide Alaska Highway says. Thanks for looking!

What did May like in Alaska?




Photos taken by Mayumi Mascenik